Episode 07: Convention Cheer with Fellow Fangirl Ashley Cox

Ashley Cox

This episode is a first for the Your Biggest Fangirl Podcast! Victoria and Kristen welcome guest Ashley Cox as the three of us are reunited in Chapel Hill! When she’s not writing or going to acting classes, Ashley is a dedicated fangirl of Arrow.

Kristen and Ashley share their journey to Atlanta for the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest — regaling tales of meeting Stephen Amell and the casts of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow for photo ops. HVFF was one of Ashley’s first conventions, and she notes which rules from the 10 Rules of Fangirling were most helpful for her.

Kristen and Ashley learned firsthand the amount of money a fan can spend at a convention — but who does it go to? We discuss a Hollywood Reporter article detailing the amount stars can make from convention appearances — and whether or not the cost is worth it for fans.


What we discussed:

Stars Getting Rich Off Fan Conventions: How to Take Home “Garbage Bags Full of $20s”


Where to Find Ashley:

Instagram: @splashleybc

Twitter: @splashleycox


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