Episode 06: Super Magical Girls with Fashion Photographer Lauren Nakao Winn

Lauren Nakao Winn
Lauren Nakao Winn

Our guest this week is New-York based fashion photographer Lauren Winn! She’s a fellow Tar Heel like Kristen and Victoria, and their self-described fandom “baby” – a lover of both Sailor Moon and Superman! Lauren offers helpful advice on mixing fandom with your professional life (she once got assist a Sailor Moon themed shoot) and she loses her chill with Tori talking about our favorite Super men — Tom Welling and Henry Cavill! In our discussion this week and we dive deep into the trope of the “magical girl” in anime and debate if Kara on the CW’s Supergirl can be considered a magical girl, and why we haven’t seen many magical girls in Western media.


What We Discussed:

Children of Sailor Moon: The Evolution of Magical Girls in Japanese Anime

Sailor Moon: The Importance Of ‘Magical Girl’ Genre


Where to Find Lauren:

Instagram: @LaurenNakaoWinn

Twitter: @LaurenNakaoWinn


Follow Lauren’s cosplay account: @ProjectKR_


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