Our podcast seeks to be the best vehicle to explore fan culture and fandom in depth and intellectually from the unique perspective of the fans themselves. We strive to offer knowledgeable viewpoints from two fangirls who not only are active in fandom, but possess “behind the scenes” experiences and access to the artists they so admire. We will create meaningful, entertaining dialogues with other fans, creators, and scholars, celebrating what it means to be a fan, and specifically a female fan. 

Meet your hosts:


Kristen Chavez
Kristen Chavez

Kristen thinks that being a fan is about accepting every strong emotion that comes with the things you love. She has cried over nearly every form of media, with the exception of maybe magazines. To the people that know her, this surprises no one. A native of Florida, Kristen has always been a fan, her many spurts of love, devotion, and obsession were ignited by Sailor Moon and Harry Potter. Kristen earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Media Studies and Production from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and then interned at Double Feature Films in Los Angeles. A Tar Heel at heart, she returned to Chapel Hill where she currently serves as the multimedia specialist for the UNC College of Arts and Sciences. Her current fandoms include Star Wars, Parks and Rec, and Hamilton. One of her favorite fangirling moments includes grabbing one of the very first photos with Henry Winchester and John Winchester from Supernatural, in flower crowns no less, and regrets that she only has one bookcase to hold her HP paraphernalia. 

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Victoria Male

For Victoria, she believes that fandom is all about allowing inspiration to consume you and celebrating one’s passion. That being said, fandom has been a haven for her over-abundance of enthusiasm and an instrument for forging friendships since an early age. She waited patiently for her Hogwarts letter, dreamed of swinging with Spider-Man and joining the Avengers, and spent hours rehearsing with McKinley High New Directions. Victoria’s ticket to college was sealed with an essay about how much she loved Spider-Man, and her love and dedication to fandoms didn’t stop when she set foot on the brick-lined path at UNC-Chapel Hill. There, she truly embraced the world of fangirling, inside and out of class. She wrote papers examining her favorite shows, citing academic journals and papers; by the weekend, she wrote fanfiction and reblogged photosets of Henry Cavill. The end of her college career came full circle as Victoria started her foray into the professional world in Los Angeles, interning for Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire, at his production company. In addition to working in the film industry as an actor, an executive assistant, a researcher, and in casting, she has helped Stan Lee buy a pair of jeans, clapped along to the New Direction’s final Sectionals performance, and met her biggest celebrity crush four times without being tackled by security.

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